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16 Reasons Why Summer Is The Best Season In Mumbai

Updated on 9 July, 2016 at 5:24 pm By

Initially you may have thought, ‘Summer? Best season?’ Yeah, seems strange. But, summer can be beautiful at times. The sweat, the armpit stink – all totally worth it. So, ready to get dazzled?

1. The skies are clear, the sun is bright. Sit by the seashore, it feels so right.

2. There’s no better time to enjoy tasty ‘golas’ by the beach at Chowpatty.

3. Call your friends and take your car. Ready for a drive, Lonavala is never too far. Carry an ice-cream carton with you. Trust me. It’ll be awesome.

4. The more the heat, the better, brighter and more colorful the clothes. We do have our own ‘street shoppers stop’ for the summers. Wardrobe revamp NOW!

5. Swimming is never more fun. The Shivaji Parks and the Mafatlals are always crowded.

6. There are more than a number of beaches in and around Mumbai. So sit back, tan and enjoy.

7. It’s time for pool parties. ‘C’est la vie.’ DJs, drinks and friends by the pool. Awesome.

8. When you have so many beaches and seashores to adore, summers are never so hot.

9. Clear skies, bright sun, beautiful moon and the view of a gazillion stars at night. Priceless.

10. Party at the rooftop, groove to the tune. ‘Cause it’s time to get drunk, even if it’s noon.

11. Sunrise and sunsets are never prettier and Mumbai has the best locations to capture them candid.

12. A few people may hate summers in Mumbai. But the thought of Mumbai monsoons arriving next – ‘I love summers.’

13. Summers = holidays, holidays = FUN. Do I need to explain it any further?

14. Have I mentioned the mangoes? No? Then they won’t be very ‘important’.

15. Summer means taking more getaways and more hill station visits. Life. Is. Good.

16. No fear of sardi-khansi while having cold stuff or ice creams.

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