Forget Two Tickets, This Man Booked An Entire Show Of ‘Sultan’ For His Wife

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6:44 pm 8 Jul, 2016

So is ‘Sultan’ a wrestling romance?

Because couples are going all gushy and mushy over this movie.


Yesterday, I was trolling my friend for taking his girlfriend to watch Bhai ki movie on a date but today I heard of this man booking an entire theater for his wife.

Have I got the idea of romance a bit wrong here? 

Shankar Musafir, a resident of Hamirpur city in Himachal Pradesh, booked a 120-seat cinema hall a day prior to the movie’s release. Apparently, his wife Geetanjali is a big fan of Sallu Bhai and so this die-hard romantic husband gifted his wife an empty theater with Bhai.


Some privacy, your better half and a 70mm screen of people beating the shit out of other. Romantic?



Or maybe he wanted to show her how their fights look on a 70mm screen. No?


Okay just maybe, this man is smart. He did not want to feel any inferiority complex when his wife gushed over the hero.

You know, because Bhai ke muscles, Bhai ki smile, Bhai best hai. Bhaiii all the way!


Umm…okay. I admit I know nothing about romance, wrestling and Bhai. I give up.



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