I Bet You Didn’t Notice This While Watching Salman Khan’s Blockbuster ‘Sultan’

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4:38 pm 13 Jul, 2016

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve watched the biggest hit of the year (so far), ‘Sultan’, I can bet you didn’t notice this!


My friends who have seen the movie thrice missed this little detail about the movie. In Anushka and Salman’s blockbuster ‘Sultan’ there is a scene in which Sultan (the wrestler) is shooting for multiple ads, remember?

Salman, aka Sultan, is seen endorsing a pen, an electronic company and ghee. During the ghee ad, the director asks him to give another take and Sultan dismisses him by saying, “Hum wrestler hain, actor nahi” and walks away.



Dear all, that ad director is none other than real-life director Kabir Khan!


In an interview, the director himself revealed that people will be seeing him on the big-screen in ‘Sultan’. He made a small appearance for fun.

Surprised? Go, watch the movie again!


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