TV Actress Sulagna Chatterjee Shared A Screenshot Of How She Responded To A Casting Couch Offer

6:03 pm 30 Nov, 2017


After the rise of the #metoo campaign, we continue to witness more and more cases of women speaking up about sexual harassment, their encounters with assault and trauma and their struggles to live in a male-dominated society on a day to day basis.


A large number of women have spoken up about being assaulted.

In fact, this was something we have never seen before on such a large scale. The call was not only for common people, in fact, it made big names from the entertainment fraternity to speak their hearts out.




And now one more actress has spoken up about something that is not only a common practice in the entertainment industry, in fact, many fall prey to it just for the sake of quick money.

Television actor Sulagna Chatterjee recently shared a picture on her Instagram account explaining how she was offered to be a part of ‘casting couch’. Apart from saying a complete no to it, she also took a bold step and shared the screenshot of the chat she had with an agent regarding a project. The chat is a clear indication of the fact that the agent was asking for a ‘compromise’ from her.

Below is the screenshot.

When Chatterjee was contacted about the incident, she revealed to a website and said, “I just posted it casually and don’t want any publicity out of it. As far as the incident is considered, I had exchanged numbers with this guy for some work, but I did not remember him. He just suddenly dropped a message, and this was for an advertisement opposite a Bollywood A-lister.”


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She further mentioned, “Of course was my first reaction was happiness, and then he explained that the shoot will last for one day. I was thinking he would ask me to come for a look test, but he texted about ‘a compromise’. The rest is in the screenshot. He went on to continue asking if I ever did ‘compro-projects’ and I said no, and said there is no point in asking me.”

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