These 14 Sui Dhaaga Memes Are So Relatable Only Because They Are ‘Made In India’

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3:32 pm 15 Aug, 2018


Earlier, they would say there is no life without a wife. Well, screw that philosophy because, we, millennials, believe in just one thing; there is no life without memes. They are the reason why we laugh, and why we crack jokes. In short, they are our light of joy in our not-so-aache din. Everything and anything that is relatable has a potential to become a meme and nowadays, the latest fad is Sui Dhaaga memes.

The trailer of the film Sui Dhaaga starring Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma was released a few days back, and this hilarious and thought-provoking teaser became viral instantly.




The trailer is full of desi middle-class drama, small moments of happiness and funny dialogues. All perfect ingredients of viral memes. For you, we have listed down 14 best Sui Dhaaga memes.


1. A typical dad



2. Tinder, here we come!



3. The moment I had been waiting for so long



4. Whose the best bitch in town? Aunties!



5. Chai and only chai!



6. Welcome to the jungle



7. Can somebody feel my pain?



8. Sometimes, Uber is like God



9. Life after death



10. Galti teri aur humiliation mera?



11. True story



12. The real sufferer



13. Life is a bitch



14. Pappu pass ho gaya!



East or west, memes that are “Made in India” are best!