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SRK’s Daughter Suhana Khan Is Working On A New Movie Project? These Pics Suggest So!

Published on 12 December, 2018 at 6:10 pm By

SRK’s beloved daughter Suhana Khan is again in the news. No, it is not because of any other photo-shoot or public appearance! The little star is shinning due to some other reason, and we are super happy that she is. First thing’s first, we know that in the past Suhana Khan got featured in the leading fashion magazine Vogue. Ever since then, her loyal fans have been damn curious for any update regarding Suhana’s Bollywood debut. And it seems that the wait is going to be over soon but in a different way. There is buzz that Suhana is working on a new movie project. Yes, you read that just right. But hey, wait, it seems that it is not her Bollywood debut or anything, but indeed a project for her college.

Now, you must be wondering how? Well, it seems that the fan clubs of the diva have posted some of her pics from the sets of the project on the social media.




That’s not it, it seems that the talented star is also accompanied by her peers at the location. In one of the pics, Suhana can be seen with her workmate in the car. In other pics, she can be seen with some shooting equipment. After looking at these pics, we are assuming that this shoot might be a part of her college project.



So, without taking more of your time, here are the pics. Take a look:


She looks so happy!




Look she’s smiling in this one too!



The group is giving it their all it seems!



Chilling with friends after the project is over maybe!




Considering her ties with the showbiz world, Suhana is surely on the right path, don’t you think? Hope we get to see more of her project! Also here’s hoping that we will get to witness the Bollywood debut of the diva soon!

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