Suhana Khan Trolled For Looking ‘Like Shah Rukh Khan With Long Hair And Lipstick’

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11:54 am 28 Oct, 2017

Shah Rukh Khan’s little princess was recently in the news for her public appearance with her friends and stealing the limelight even though her father was there with the girls. Suhana took all the attention of the media and hardly anyone could notice the presence of SRK and Gauri Khan there. Shah Rukh Khan has time and again proved that he is a doting father. He has often spoken about his children and their dreams during his interviews.


In one of his interview, Shah Rukh made this clear that Suhana is interested in films and is a movie buff. The girl dreams of being in the industry but first she has to complete her studies.

“Suhana wants to be an actress. I see that zeal in her. She’s extremely good on stage, I’ve seen her performances. She’s admittedly a cinema fan and wants to be in the industry. But my point is simple — you need to complete your education before doing anything. That’s the only thing I have told my children. Otherwise, they are free to be in the film industry, not be in it and do whatever they like. I will be supportive of whatever they want to do.”


The Badshah of Bollywood also made this clear that just because Suhana has started making public appearances does not mean that they bring her in front of the world to make her an actress. However, there are people who still think that Suhana’s public appearances are methods she is using to become an actress.

Gauri Khan recently shared a beautiful picture of Suhana on her Instagram handle. Little did she know that people will soon start trolling the girl for no reason.

Here’s the picture that Gauri Khan shared:

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Here's looking at you, kid.

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Soon the picture got flooded with negative comments. Making fun of the girl one troll wrote:

“Female shahrukh..this is all makeup pic but her casual pix looks very bad..we know she is desperate to become an actress and u both wl mk sure she becomes one by hook or crook.nepotism.”

People started making fun of Suhana calling her the female version of SRK. Many even claimed that she just looks like Shah Rukh with long hair and makeup.








Isn’t a daughter looking like her mom or dad is absolutely fine? People have made trolling and slamming a part and parcel of social media. Celebrities are also humans and people need to understand that they need space as well!