Suhana Khan Reveals How She Pissed Off Shah Rukh Khan During A Shoot And It’s Hilarious!

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2:42 pm 9 Aug, 2018


Even before her actual debut into the glitzy world of Bollywood, Suhana Khan manages to be in the limelight quite frequently. Be it for her fancy outfits, her pricey shoes, her bold pictures or her much-speculated debut, Suhana Khan is certainly one of the hottest favorites of shutterbugs. Most recently, the young lady was in the news for making it to the August cover page of ‘Vogue’ magazine.

There was a section of social media users that cried nepotism and thought there are umpteen other women who would be a better fit for the ‘Vogue’ magazine cover. But this did not stop a section of the film industry including Karan Johar from welcoming Suhana Khan into showbiz.




Well, the fact is that Suhana Khan has already made her debut into the world of fashion with ‘Vogue’. Her sizzling photoshoot was followed by a candid interview that has also grabbed massive attention in the media for more than one reason.



One of these was the fact that it was her first ever interview with her father Shah Rukh Khan, who is not just her father but also her best friend. Talking about this very relationship with her father, Suhana Khan recalled her childhood days when she found it hard to come to terms with the fame SRK had. She said:

“I realised quite early on that it was different for us. But I never really thought about my dad being famous. When I was about five, he would come and drop me to school, and people would point and stare. He wasn’t being addressed as Suhana’s dad, which is what I wanted. It confused me. He would want to hug me, and I would push him back in the car. I hated the attention, it made me very self-conscious.”



But over the time, she learned to embrace the fact that Shah Rukh was a star but at the same time, he was her father. She said:

“I realised if I wanted to hug my dad, he’s my dad—I’m just going to hug him.”



Talking about her relationship with his children, particularly with Suhana, Shah Rukh said:

“I try not to be different with her than with the boys, but Aryan always tells me I can’t ever be angry with Suhana. I don’t think parents bring up children, I think children bring up parents. I think they’ve brought us up well. I don’t have many friends, but my kids are my friends—I’m easiest around them. I’m usually very awkward around women, but I’m very close to Suhana—she has said things to me that no woman has ever said to me in my life.”



Suhana says she can talk to her father about anything and everything, literally! Be it her studies or her boyfriends. And then Suhana revealed something about his relationship with his father-cum-best friend:

“He hates it when I say I need to pee! Once, I was hanging out on his set, and his AD asked where he was. I mentioned that he’d gone to pee, and he was really annoyed with me!”



Doesn’t that explain why SRK and Suhana are the best of friends?

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