Suhana Khan’s Vogue Photographer Spills The Beans On Her Photo Shoot. Check Out What He Said!

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12:16 pm 18 Aug, 2018


Suhana Khan hasn’t made her film debut yet but has already been welcomed into the world of showbiz with her sensuous yet cool photo shoot for the August issue of Vogue fashion magazine. This even left a section of social media users outraged with Vogue magazine for the choice of their cover girl. There were a few more things about Suhana Khan’s Vogue photo shoot that did not go well with some people such as the fact that she left the buttons of shirt open and gave quite sultry poses at such young age.

But at the same time, a section of people appreciated her for the oomph and confidence she oozed in every single picture of hers. And her fashion photographer for the Vogue photo shoot, Errikos Andreou was one of those who loved every bit about Suhana Khan as far as her debut cover shoot is concerned.




In an interview with The Quint, Suhana Khan’s Vogue photo shoot photographer Errikos Andreou has spilled the beans on shooting with her.


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Vogue photographer Errikos Andreou. Source


With Gauri Khan constantly on the sets of Vogue shoot and Shah Rukh on a video call, the shoot was more of a family affair.



On being asked about how he directed Suhana since she managed to pose like a diva at a tender age of 18, Errikos Andreou said:

“To be honest with you, Suhana surprised everybody so much. I didn’t know her personally, but I was expecting a kid who has never done this before. Especially when she comes in – she is a very very shy kid – so she is very soft spoken, and you have no idea what you can do. So as usual, I said okay, ‘sit there, do that! and let me start taking a few pictures’. And I was thinking to myself, let me see what might come out and turns out she was extremely natural in front of the lens. The way she was posing and placing herself, the little variations that she was giving me – was not at all about trying too hard. So, it was a very big surprise. But then it all made sense, I mean she has been around cameras ever since she was a newborn any way!”



Revealing the highlights of the much-hyped shoot, Errikos said:

“We had Beyonce on! She loves Beyonce. There is actually one spread in the story, which is a culmination of a multiple photos put together and we just had Suhana (who at that point was doing her 4th or 5th look), when her mother (Gauri) says, ‘Oh you know what, she is a really good dancer!’ So, I asked if she was comfortable dancing, and in a very soft-spoken manner she says, ‘Yes!’ And then we put Beyoncé on really really loud in the studio and I was just sitting in a corner, simply snapping pictures as she was dancing.  And that for me is the most beautiful photo of the entire shoot, because you had her there just being herself and having fun. Also it was amazing to see she was wearing her mother’s skirt for one shot!’



Talking about Suhana Khan’s first impression, Errikos Andreou said:


“When I saw her, I saw a very beautiful, fresh kid and it was this freshness and innocence that I wanted to capture. But then once she started posing in front of the camera, I realised that this is not a child – this is actually a woman. A young woman who celebrates both her youth and her womanhood. In some pictures she looks innocent, in some pictures she looks sexy. But the sexiness that comes out is not a forced thing. It was a very natural thing. This is who she is. Yesterday, as I was flicking through twitter I read a comment saying, ‘Stop sexualizing kids!’ And it had me thinking if that’s what we did? As I remember Suhana on that shoot, this came out so naturally. She was just having fun entering her adulthood. And this is what it was all about and this is what I wanted to show.”

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