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16 Ways To Stop Suffocating Your Partner

Published on 6 November, 2015 at 12:00 pm By

Intimacy or love overload can suffocate and smother a relationship, eventually killing it completely. This can come as shocking to some people who think no amount of love can be too much. Learn how to give space to your partner to have a healthy relationship.



1. Take time to do things on your own though there is a strong urge in you to tag along with your partner.


2. Your partner cannot replace all your friends. Keep in touch with them.


3. Do not try to blend your personalities together.

Keep your individuality and uniqueness intact in a relationship. The same applies for your partner.


4. Know the difference between a person needing space and a person not liking you anymore.

They are not interrelated.



5. You need not overdo love to prove you are the perfect example of loving partner.


6. Limit your calls.

No one needs the “I miss you” text when he or she is out with friends.


7. Every person has their own need for love, space and intimacy.

Your partner’s need can differ from yours.


8. Try to use your arms for something other than holding your partner, even if it feels great.

Remember, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”


9. Do not be available for every trivial need of your partner.

You will feel like a martyr and your expectations from the relationship will turn unrealistic eventually.


10. Keep things exciting rather than monotonous and boring.


11. Have faith in yourself and your relationship.

Insecurity is the main reason for suffocation in relationships.


12. Learn to be together without seeking attention.

You are spending your whole life together for God’s sake!


13. Do not use tears or threats as your weapon too often in a relationship.

It will only end up the way it did for ‘the boy who cried wolf’.


14. Develop hobbies, activities and a career to keep you engaged.

Do not lose touch with your own self.


15. Do not breathe down your partner’s neck all the time…

Instead give and have breathing space both physically and emotionally.


16. Stop before you kill your partner with an overdose of love.



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