Did You Know ‘Sudharma’ Is India’s Only Newspaper Published In Sanskrit?

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Updated on 21 Apr, 2016 at 12:28 pm


You must have read newspapers in Hindi or English or both, but did you try reading a paper in Sanskrit? Did you know that there is a newspaper that is published in Sanskrit only? Sudharma is the only daily newspaper in India that is published in Sanskrit.

Started in the year 1970, the paper is published from Mysuru. Despatched mainly through post, the daily sells around 2,000 copies.

Readers from across the country such as Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Orissa, as well as a few from abroad (Japan and U.S.), subscribe to it.

Kalale  Varadaraja Iyengar, a Sanskrit scholar, launched this paper in the year 1970 with a goal of propagating the language.

He was also a publisher of Sanskrit books and the Sanskrit moving types that were sometimes lying idle with him were another motivation for starting the newspaper.



When he discussed his venture with others, he had to face the wrath of skeptics but with support from his friends, he went forward and the first issue was published on July 14, 1970.

Iyengar later convinced the then Minister for Information and Broadcasting, IK Gujral, to start a daily Sanskrit bulletin on All India Radio.


Though revenue from the paper is negligible, its editor, KV Sampath Kumar, Iyengar’s son, is publishing the paper only because of his passion for journalism and to propagate the language. For Kumar, who undertakes odd jobs in printing to keep the paper alive, help has not come from any quarter.