16 Subtle Ways To Show You’re Interested In Someone

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7:08 pm 3 Jun, 2015


Since most of us are wimps when it comes to taking romantic risks, like approaching someone, it is time we perfected the art of showing subtle interest in people. This way, when you’re rejected, you can easily pretend that you were never interested and that the other person must be totally bad at reading signals. Mwahahahahahahah!


1. Raise your eyebrows in a quick flash

This subtle gesture can show someone you’re interested in getting to know them. It requires little effort and you can easily shrug it off if it remains un-reciprocated.



2. Find ways to appear before your crush

Talk to someone standing near him/her, don’t let pillars/books/flowerpots hide you from his or her sight, “accidentally” bump into him/her in lifts or shops, etc. Be seen.


3. Smile at your potential mate

Just a small inviting smile will do. Don’t start laughing when you see him/her because that just looks like you think they’re funny. A subtle ‘Mona Lisa’ smile can work wonders.


4. Let your eyes linger just a little bit

For God’s sake don’t start staring expressionlessly; you’ll look psychotic. But when you’re looking in their general direction, just keep your eyes on him/her a few seconds longer.


5. Try the four-second double take

When you look at him/her, hold his/her eye contact for four seconds, then glance away. Then immediately look back at them. They’ll know they caught your eye.


6. Put your mouth on display

Moistening your lips subtly with your tongue or parting your lips slightly can get them focused on your pecker, but do not stand around with a duck face.


7. Play with yourself

No, not in masturbatory way; that’ll only work if they’re seriously kinky. Since fiddling with your hair, face, or accessories is a pretty common way of signaling interest, do that.


8. Let body language speak for you

Most people know enough about body language to know that leaning in towards a person or pointing your feet in their direction is a “I’m into you” sign, so go ahead and lean in.


9. Mirror their movements

Don’t shadow them, but if he/she leans on the balcony, you can subtly follow suit. Don’t start copying everything they do though, because they might think you’re a stalker type.


10. Play it cool

So maybe your signals worked and your love interest has approached you. Talk normally and don’t be too eager to please. That’s a major turn-off for many people.


11. Let them know you’re single

Don’t muse aloud about when you’re going to get laid since you’re horny as hell but casually talk to one of your friends about maybe being ready to date someone.


12. Make a general move

Maybe you’ve picked someone who’s as big a wimp as you; if all else fails, approach them with some simple task – How do I do this? Could you show me where I can get that? etc.


13. Try the “accidental” touch

Touching the wrist slightly when you ask for the time is fine but stepping on his/her foot while pretending to bump into him/her is not. Don’t body slam your crush.


14. Be a helpless dude/damsel-in-distress

This will also show you if your crush has a helpful side. If you’re struggling with a cola bottle, a flat tire, or carrying too many things and they don’t offer to help you, you’re better off alone.


15. Rein them in with positivity

While many people (especially women) think that behaving as if you have shitty life is a great way of breaking the ice, it also sets a negative tone. Be a happy person.


16. Make sure the other person is into you

Since you are a wuss, try to figure out if the other person likes you (is he/she looking your way, smiling at you, etc.) and if they’re likely to approach you. Otherwise all your effort is in vain.




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