Subramanian Swamy Says Rajinikanth Will Fail In Politics Because Of Certain Reasons

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12:40 pm 16 May, 2017

After eight long years, on May 16, Rajinikanth reached out to his fans at Chennai.


Superstar Rajinikanth at the meet-and-greet.

There was obviously a wave of jubilation for his fans at Raghavendra Wedding Hall when the superstar of Indian cinema walked in dressed in a black kurta.


At the meet-and-greet, Rajini spoke on a host of issues and advised his fans to refrain from alcohol.

But the highlight of the event in the eyes of the media was when Thalaivar dropped a hint that he may join politics.

He said, “God decides what we have to do in life. Right now, he wants me to be an actor and I’m fulfilling my responsibility.”



That was enough for the media mills to work overtime and speculate on which party Rajini’s force be with. Of course, given the bonhomie Rajini has shown with the BJP, most predicted that he will spearhead the party in Tamil Nadu.

Compared to its presence in north India, BJP’s base in Tamil Nadu is nascent where the regional parties – the DMK and the AIADMK – have been in dominance for decades.

Yet Subramanian Swamy is not impressed with Rajini’s words. The BJP MP in the Rajya Sabha said that if Rajini joins politics, it will be a disaster for the superstar.

Swamy said, “Rajinikanth’s following is not an ideological one but a cult-based. Rajini will fail in politics. His talks of a ‘political plunge if God decides’ is a joke.”


The BJP leader added that being an actor, Rajini is good giving dialogues which are penned by others. According to reports, Swamy also pointed out the fact that Rajini is not a Tamilian but a “Marathi from Bengaluru”.

Rajinikanth had destroyed AIADMK’s political hopes in 1996 with his now famous quote, “If Jayalalithaa is voted back to power, even god cannot save Tamil Nadu.” That single statement led to DMK and Tamil Manila Congress alliance winning the elections. Now addressing his fans, Rajini said that he regrets supporting the political alliance 21 years ago.

Many superstars have had successful political careers in Tamil Nadu, the most famous being M.G. Ramachandran.

What do you say? Should Rajini or shouldn’t?


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