Subramanian Swamy Interview: Modi Is Not The Family That Controls The BJP

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4:00 pm 15 Apr, 2017

Brisk and outspoken, Subramanian Swamy is a popular figure of the Bhartiya Janta Party. With more than 4 million followers on Twitter and an ever-growing list of appointments and interviews, the 77-year-old Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha considers himself the second most popular leader in the party after Prime Minister Modi.

Despite his criticisms of the Modi government, its leaders and the policies in the party, the leader continues to get ahead, all thanks to his knowledge of law and economics. The former teacher of economics at Harvard University, Swamy was also the helping hand of the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, during the Emergency.


In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, the leader spoke about the party’s strategy that helped them win the UP elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his dealings with Hindutva.

Swamy said that he did not expect such a tremendous victory after the first phase. He advised the party that governance was a necessary condition for victory, not a sufficient one. And then suggested putting forth the sentimental issue of Hindutva to ensure the party’s victory. It was, however, not taken up at the media level, but through word of mouth. Thenceforth, he was sure that the party would win.

On being asked if Prime Minister Modi was upfront about the Hindutva agenda, Swamy said that the Prime Minister is a pracharak of the RSS, so, if you peel off his exterior it is all Hindutva. He doesn’t believe that there is anything fake about Modi.


The leader also said that Modi is not the family that controls the BJP. The party will always have somebody. He also asserted that the party has a pool and people may not know about them since they do not project themselves.

Subramanian Swamy also revealed that Yogi Adityanath wasn’t the Chief Minister candidate for Uttar Pradesh even after the first phase. In fact, Yogi was sidelined at first since all the anglicized people in the party felt that he wasn’t a good face to project.

Talking further about BJP’s victory in the Uttar Pradesh elections, Swamy said that the party couldn’t have done it without Modi but even the PM couldn’t have delivered it all by himself. He went on to say that Modi, Hindutva and anti-corruption together secured the victory for the party.

In his conversation he also spoke about the out of court settlement of Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid issue, he said that Muslim parties are not agreeable to a negotiated settlement. He also revealed that they plan to take it ahead through court and are sure of their triumph.

Speaking about the Congress party and its chances of recovery, Swamy said that the party will recover but the Gandhi family are finished. And that they have done it for themselves. Party should have people coming from all walks of life. He feels that a system where family is the only supplier of leaders is doomed to failure.


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