Subramanian Swamy Calls Homosexuality A ‘Genetic Disorder’, And Twitterati Knows Who Needs Help

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7:15 pm 10 Sep, 2018


On September 6, the Supreme Court unanimously decriminalized Section 377 of the IPC which criminalized consensual unnatural sex between homosexuals. This historic judgment ushered the right to freedom to love anyone and the freedom to be who you are. Though section 377 has finally gone with the wind, still, a certain section of our community is unhappy with the decision, and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy is one of them. According to him, homosexuality is basically a genetic disorder and it needs medical research.

Much before this verdict, the BJP MP has been constantly defaming homosexuality, calling it “unnatural and abnormal”.




Hearing such regressive words from his mouth is not much of a surprise as he is the same minister who insensitively linked Sridevi’s death with gangster Dawood Ibrahim.


Moreover, he thinks that this whole fight for equality is an American game, and his major concern is that HIV will spread more because there will be gay bars now. Well, it is very quite difficult to conclude that who is more idiotic; him or his logic.



By saying such concerned words, he justified his identity of being the most trolled person on the internet. Twitterati, again, rightly made him realize that who actually needs a mental help.


Some facts for Subramanian Swamy




You are safe now



Know the basics



A verdict is a verdict



Love always wins



According to Swamy’s logic…



He stands alone like a foolish man



Out of concern, can anyone suggest him a good psychiatrist?

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