In Search Of Life, NASA Is Planning To Send A Submarine To Saturn’s Moon Titan

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5:11 pm 27 Aug, 2016

According to Inverse, NASA is planning to send a submarine to Saturn’s moon Titan so as to explore the depths of its largest ocean.


General design for the Titan Submarine at present. NASA

General design for the Titan Submarine at present. NASA

With this, NASA also plans to search if the moon has any signs of life.

According to Inverse NASA researchers proposed so send a submarine that would not only carry instruments to measure the chemical composition of the ocean but also the currents and tides and the structure of the ocean floor.

They are also planning to add a mast at the top of the Sub that would allow it to communicate with Earth when it resurfaces above water.



As the submarine would not be able to communicate when underwater, its search for life is planned to be fully autonomous.

Explaining their reasons to send the submarine, NASA cryogenics engineer Jason Hartwig said:

“There are really two big reasons why we want to go to Titan; to determine if hydrocarbon-based life is possible on Titan and also, as (it’s) the only moon in our solar system with clouds and an atmosphere.”

Titan is said to be very similar to Earth except that its extremely cold and has oceans made of liquid methane.

It is this methane sea that researchers believe may hold clues to how life evolved, and possibly even have extraterrestrial microbes.

Details about the mission are awaited as its still in its conceptual stages.



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