10 Times PM Narendra Modi’s Style Game Was Spot-on!

6:15 pm 15 Sep, 2018


Our Prime Minister is a man of many talents. From a powerful orator to the way he boldly addresses the pressing issues, the very aura around him is charismatic. Those who follow politics know that there have been times when our PM was spot on with his looks. And I mean literally “spot on”. From the looks which he opted for his foreign visits to the looks which he opted while addressing the masses, Modi has proved that when it comes to fashion, he is definitely a pro! You are going to go gaga when you’ll see the style of Narendra Modi.

Undoubtedly, Narendra Modi is one of the most influential names in the world of politics, and friend, after looking at his ensembles, you’ll agree that he is among the most stylish politicians out there!



Take a look at some of his best outfits which redefined fashion. Trust me, you will fall in love with the style of Narendra Modi.


1. Setting the trend!



Narendra Modi turned heads when he wore it as he met with the then US President Barack Obama in Delhi. What appears to be a simple formal attire, is not simple in any terms. Those golden stripes, yes those which look like mere threads, they actually spell out the name of our Prime minister. Can you believe it, wearing something which is “literally” yours! No doubt, why this one’s on the top of the list.


2. How to blend in



See how boldly he donned the Naga warrior costume and rocked it. He looks like a completely different person in the picture.


3. This attire is class apart!



If you want to see what classy feels like, just take a look at this attire of Narendra Modi. Honestly, you can not help but say that he is a trendsetter himself!


4. Slaying it in saffron!



See how Modi slays it in a saffron suit. To spice his look up he paired it with a Rudraksha mala and a beautiful shawl. This combination couldn’t get any better.


5. See how to dress for the occasion!




PM Modi looks absolutely phenomenal in this attire. He donned this glitzy outfit when he was in Leh, to grace the opening of a hydropower project.


6. Rocking in Mongolian style!



See how dashing Modi looks in this Mongolian outfit. From the robe to the hat, everything about his style is spot on! What do you think?


7. Donning different colours like a pro!



See how effortlessly Modi can mix and match different colours to create a one of a kind look. He looks absolutely stunning in these attires. Looking at these pictures, we can simply say that Modi is a fashion house himself!


8. A little shine won’t harm anyone!



Modi looked like a star in this shiny ensemble. This chic outfit dates back to the time when Modi went to his four-nation Africa tour. Looking at this picture, all I can think of is that he knows his fashion.


9. His love for traditional headgears is known to everyone!



Modi surely knows how to set some style standards for the newbies out there. He looks super chic in these traditional headgears.


10. Perfect has no definition!



Trust me when I say this, Modi’s fashion choices have been as bolder as those celebs out there! He wore this out when he was in Itanagar. See how new and fresh he looks!

Well, looking at the style of Narendra Modi, we can say that he is spot on with his appearances! Personally speaking, I would love to try these chic outfits myself one day. Do you love his fashion avatars too?