Do Not Marry Because Of These Stupid Reasons; Marriage Is Not A Joke

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6:26 pm 16 Jan, 2016

Getting married is one of the most important decisions you will take in your life. If you actually want to be with one person for your entire life then you should have a solid reason for that. You just cannot enter this part of your life with some lame excuse or reason.

Please do not marry if…


You are feeling lonely and you want someone to pass your time with.

Marriage is not a game. You just cannot take it so lightly. You cannot marry someone for time pass! (4)


The other person wants to marry you.

No matter if you have been in a relationship with him/her or she/he is just a stranger. You should not marry if you are not sure about your feelings.


Your family, friends and relatives think that it’s time to settle down.

There is no set age to marry someone. It is your life and only you know whether you are ready for it or not. Just remember that no one else will take the blame if things don’t work out.


Marriage sounds adventurous so you want to try it.

This is too frivolous a reason to get married. (5)


You want to feel like a grown up.

Growing up brings lots of responsibilities. First prepare yourself for that and ask yourself whether you are stable enough to take on those responsibilities or not! (2)


You want to have kids.

Kids definitely should not be the reason for you to marry. Because if you are not ready for it, you will ruin many lives along with your own. (1)


You are jealous of your married friends. Their honeymoon photographs are tempting you.

Honeymoon is a few days affair. That period won’t last for the entire life. There will be many challenges, compromises, adjustments that will come along with marriage. Are you ready for that? (1)


You think marriage will bring ‘free’ sex.

Sex is not everything. Marriage won’t last long if it’s only for physical benefits. Compatibility, love, compassion, care and many other things are important to have a healthy married life. (3)


Marry only if  you and your partner are deeply in love; because you feel a commitment towards each other. If the person is a stranger then think whether you both feel that connect or not. Marriage is not a joke!


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