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10 Ways To Counter Dumb AF Questions That Men Ask About Periods With Sassy Answers

Published on 31 July, 2018 at 7:30 pm By

I remember a few years back I felt like opening the skull of a guy to see if there is any brain inside. Why? Well, because he asked me the stupidest question possible about my periods. Don’t get me wrong, I am all in for educating people about the menstrual cycle and spreading awareness. However, when you ask stupid questions about periods that you should have learned in your 8th standard Biology book then keeping cool is really difficult. Getting back to the incident, he asked and I quote “how can you get periods this month too? Didn’t you get it last month also? Don’t bluff!”


Being the sassy-girl-on-period, I replied it on somewhat this line “Have you tried introducing your upper lip to the lower one? They will look so good together, especially with a little bit of glue.” I confess reading that line in an article but the moment seemed so apt that I couldn’t resist using it.



A little asking around revealed that men actually have managed to asked stupider questions! So, I thought of coming up with sassy answers that you can throw at someone’s face the next time you are posed with a stupid question about periods. Also, for some ROFL laugh, here are some of the periods memes that you can check out!


1. Stop blaming everything on PMS!

Stupid questions about periods 1


It’s true that when we bleed straight for days along with hormones going crazy, we lose our sanity at times. However, not every time we are angry or upset means it’s due to our periods. At times it’s because we cannot stand your stupidity!


2. It’s more like someone is trying to drill you from inside!

Stupid questions about periods 2

When we say ‘I am getting cramps’ what we really mean is ‘why God why? Why do I have to endure this killing pain every month?’ So, unless you know what it’s like to have a constant pain in your stomach while you have to keep your smile on, shut up.


3. Yes, it’s a monthly affair!

Stupid questions about periods 3

We wish it came for a yearly visit instead of monthly. Alas! That’s a dream never coming true. On the other hand, it does give us the assurance that we are not pregnant despite being brave and indulging in sex without protection! (Highly not recommended, though)


4. There’s blood everywhere!

Stupid questions about periods 4

Since I got my periods I could never understand why it’s said that girls are sensitive towards blood. We see it every month! And to answer the question, yes it bleeds a lot.


5. Periods have a mind of its own!

Stupid questions about periods 5

I am not kidding! True, we can guess a possible date of when we can get our periods but that keeps on changing. There are external factors like change in the environment, stress, or physical exhaustion that changes the date too. In conclusion, all I can say that it’s not always possible for us to know the exact date or time when the periods will knock on our uterus.


6. No it’s not, for us!

Stupid questions about periods 6

It is true that having sex during periods is certainly very messy. However, what may seem gross to you is actually a very helpful activity for us. It is because sex during periods also helps in bringing down cramps. Having said that, if you don’t want to have it then that’s perfectly understandable just don’t brand it as ‘gross’ and make faces.


7. I am speechless!

Stupid questions about periods 7

I am not kidding, this question was actually asked by one of my friend’s then-boyfriend. Apparently, the fact that periods is an involuntary action completely eluded this so-called ‘elite’ guy.


8. It’s an expense we would like to avoid but can’t

Stupid questions about periods 8

Even if you take the least costly sanitary napkin brand then one packet costs about Rs 20. Now, one an average a person will need more than one packet. Giving rise to a monthly cost of Rs 40. Seems very less, right? Now, start increasing the price of the packet along with the number of pads required, if someone is going for a better quality product. Very frankly, we could have lunch twice in a fancy restaurant with the amount we throw on napkins and tampons. Here it will be pertinent to mention that being a member of the urban crowd there are many who can afford costly products. What about those who still have to fight daily to meet their basic needs and then struggle to buy napkins? Think about it!


9. Why?

Stupid questions about periods 9

I often have this feeling that those who ask this sort of question fails to grasp the basic concept of conception. Our periods are our uterus crying because it failed to produce a baby, again!


10. No periods, no opinion!

Stupid questions about periods 10


You know the best way to handle these sort of stupid questions about periods by men is to simply ignore them. What do you say?


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