Bihar Students Have A ‘Field Day’ Vandalising School Property

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6:36 pm 11 Jul, 2016

In a shocking new video, a group of school students in Bihar were seen destroying school property after they were informed that a scheduled tour had been cancelled.

The incident reportedly took place in a school in Nalanda, Bihar, where students resorted to violence to vent their anger.


The video shows a group of 15- 20 students ransacking a classroom and even going to the extent of damaging benches and fixtures.

What is more, the students seem to be having a having a field day with many seen dancing with glee at their act.


No authority or teachers seem to be on the premises to control the ruckus.

This is not the first time that such condition of schools in Bihar has come into light. Over the years, the state has become infamous for its open cheating and even the “Topper Scam,” where top students of Bihar board didn’t even know what subjects they studied.


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