Student Records Rickshaw Driver Masturbating During Ride, Rightfully Beats Him Up

3:53 pm 20 Jun, 2018

In a world with vast social media presence, the realization that we still haven’t been able to create enough backlashes and awareness to stop people from sexualizing and objectifying women is disheartening. Women are forced to fight against sexual atrocities by carrying defensive weapons like knives and pepper sprays etc.

Public masturbation incidents (another disgusting form of sexual harassment) are becoming increasingly common as well. Back in Feb 2018 a Delhi University student traveling on a public bus found a man masturbating looking at her and none of her co-passengers batted an eye at him.

Here is the post made by the DU student Manisha Gulati on her twitter account-


And now a student in Karachi has witnessed an equally horrifying incident of public masturbation. Shahtaj Qadir, a Karachi University student was heading back home one night. She noticed the driver had slowed down a little and was eyeing her breast from the rearview mirror. Soon he took one of his hands of the driving handle and moved it into his pants. After realizing what was happening, Shahtaj decided to film the driver. You can see the video she recorded here.

She then asked the driver to stop near a police station so she could change rickshaws. But when she got down, Shahtaj finding it hard to let go of the disgust and decided to confront the auto-driver. And when he denied that anything of that nature transpired, Shahtaj got angry and started beating him on his face and chest. Just as she was about to get him out of the vehicle to hand over to the police, he pushed her and ran away.

The brave Shahtaj Qadir. Source

When Shahtaj shared the incident on her Facebook profile, these are the reactions she received:

Such incidents should be made public-

Proud of her!

Well done, Bravo!

More Power to her!


While it is true that women are self-sufficient and don’t need help from others defending themselves. There is still a need to put up a consolidated front against acts of sexual harassment. Women should not have to spend ‘n’ number of hours thinking about how to defend themselves against the deviants who can’t keep it in their pants.


We hope that the immense courage displayed by women like Shhtaj and Manisha is a source of inspiration to all women and discouragement to all deviants out there.

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