17 Promises All Students Made To Their Parents But Never Followed

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2018 at 3:30 pm


Remember being asked to write these promises a 100 times on a piece of paper? The wastage of paper and parents cries never reached our ears and we continued our deeds without repenting.

1. I will work hard for exams next time

When it came to studying you always had this excuse ready.

2. I will not watch TV for more than 2 hours

Your favorite TV shows didn’t stop getting telecasted.

3. I will do my homework on time

Never! This just never happened.

4. I will wake up in the morning to study

Switching off the alarm was all that you did.

5. I will finish my lunchbox

Alas! Canteen food tasted yummier!

6. I will come home early

Your playtime just got extended day by day.

7. I will improve my handwriting

Till date, you are struggling with that.

8. I will not bunk classes

The unavoidable urge to bunk made you break this promise often.

9. I will not sleep in class


This was simply uncontrollable.

10. I will be more polite with teachers

Rudeness was never forced, it came out automatically.

11. I will not fight with anyone

Your interest shifted from studying to fighting often.

12. I will reach class on time

Didn’t you make it a habit to reach after the prayers were over?

13. I will not talk in class

Silence was never golden for you.

14. I will not cheat

Carrying chits or peeping into neighbor’s answer sheets was your savior then.

15. I will do group studies with friends

Really? Did your parents buy that?

16. I will not call her names

Cursing was like a new invention for you and you just couldn’t stop using it.

17. I will not give excuses for not going to school

Our brain came up with some innovative ideas.