This Teenager Was Put Through A Horrifying Experience For Not Wearing A Bra To School

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6:09 pm 11 Apr, 2018


In a shocking incident, a 17-year-old girl was humiliated and punished by her school after she decided not to wear a bra to the class and exercise her right to dress the way she wants.



Lizzy Martinez, who lives in Florida and studies at Braden River High, last Monday decided to wear a long-sleeved grey shirt to school but decided against wearing a bra underneath it.


While wearing a bra or not was completely Liz’s decision, her teacher found it violating school’s “dress code” and decided to send her to dean’s office.


The school’s dean – Violeta Velazquez, told her that her body parts were “distracting” other students and that the boys in her class were laughing at her. She was then sent to the school nurse where she was asked to put band-aids on her nipples. They also made her wear another shirt.


Still not satisfied, the dean asked her to move and jump around so as to make sure that she won’t be distracting the male students anymore.

Lizzy was horrified by the whole ordeal and later decided to take the matter up on the micro-blogging site, Twitter.



But instead of sorting the matter out the school decided to suspend her from the school itself and block her.

The matter led to a huge public outcry, but even after that, the school remained firm on the decision of not allowing Liz back to the school.



While one understands the need to keep rules and regulations in schools under check, this incident only reveals the sick mentality of the school authorities who didn’t even consider the adverse effect it might have on the young girl’s mind.

She was rather made to feel shameful about her body parts and feel that studies are more important for boys and not for her.



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