Inspiring Chinese Student Has Been Carrying His Disabled Friend To School For Three Years

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4:38 pm 8 May, 2015


A high school student in China has been carrying his physically disabled friend on his back for three years ensuring that his friend never misses his classes.


The story of Xie Xu, who is taking care of his friend Zhang Chi, has been melting hearts across the China’s social networking site Weibo and is going viral.


Thanks to the inspiring help of Xie Xu, Zhang is among the top performers in his class.



Zhang Chi (19) suffers from muscular dystrophy which makes him almost impossible to walk or carry his own weight.


But Xie’s kindness doesn’t stop at this; he also helps his friend with everyday tasks like washing, cleaning and cooking daily.


Xie and Chi are not the real life versions of Jai and Veeru because they are real and far better than any fictional friendship could be.