More Than Half Of IIT Passing Batch Doesn’t Believe in The Existence Of God

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5:04 pm 12 May, 2015


In a survey conducted by IIT-Bombay’s media body for an article in their in-house magazine, Insight, it was revealed that less than 50% of students from the 2014 batch believed in God.

22% of the graduates from 2014 said they were atheists, while 30% admitted to being agnostics.


The students credit it to the fact that scientific reasoning is the mainstay of engineering; therefore, engineering students can doubt the existence of a God. The survey was conducted on 260 students.

The survey also revealed that 36% wanted a decent CPI, while 16.4% wanted to sail through.


So one batch of one institute showed in a survey by students of students (peer pressure anyone?) that more than half of them were not of a religious bent of mind.

Only 14.8% of the students polled said that academics were their main priority. The rest? God alone knows.




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