19 Struggles You’ll Know Too Well If You Hate Winters And The Cold

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12:00 pm 9 Dec, 2015

The dreadful time of the year is here once again. Yes, we’re talking about winters when days are short and gloomy, nights are colder and so long. Yes, I know that not all of you think like this. Some of you just love snuggling in cozy blankets, others enjoy layering themselves up in stylish winter clothes.

But this list is for our dear friends who hate the winters. Let’s take you through the struggles of bearing the cold weather:


1. You’d prefer hibernating through winters than waking up to cold foggy mornings.

Oh they’re gloomy, cold and even dangerous!


2. You suddenly become a proponent of global warming while everyone else is excited about the winter chill.


3. For you winter is synonymous with hell.


4. Having a cold all the time just adds to your misery and stress.


5. Whenever you step outside, it feels something like this:


6. You’re unbeatable at the layering game.

Yes, you love to double or triple up your clothing; that’s the only way of keeping every drop of winter away.


7. Sometimes, you put on so many layers that you can’t even put your arms down.


8. You constantly wish for someone to light a fire to keep you cozy.


9. Your favorite place is in front of the heater…


10. …or under a hot shower.


11. You have a collection of woolen socks and you never get your feet out of them.


12. Every time someone asks you, “Hey buddy, what are you doing today?” – You are like:


13. In case you are forced to go out, this is how you look:


14. The first snowfall and it’s like ‘fevicol ka jodd’ with blankets and quilts.


15. OMG, how that cup of steaming hot tea or coffee tempts you throughout the day.


16. If you’re a guy, it is hard to repeat to everyone, “No, I don’t shave or get a haircut in the winter.”


17. The moment you step outside the house, your hands get terrible frostbites.


18. Your favorite sight is to watch the gleaming sun sneak through the trees and into your window.


19. If anything can really comfort you, it’s the promise to ‘stop the winter’.


Brace yourself! Winter is coming.


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