15 Misconceptions About Independent Women

5:00 pm 4 Aug, 2015

This one is for all the strong independent women out there, who are tired of being misunderstood. Yes we are independent, strong, ambitious and workaholics but that really doesn’t mean that we don’t require support and care. How difficult it is for people to understand that we love our freedom but we don’t plan to stay alone for every minute all the time. So here are some wrong notions that all independent women deal with.

1. We don’t need anybody to rely on.

Who said that, like who? It’s not at all like that!

Even we require support and some cheerful words when we get stuck and lost.


2. We cannot have an emotional outburst.

We do cry and get upset. At the end, we have a heart as we, too, are  human beings.


3. According to people, we just somehow don’t need a man.

It’s just that we don’t say it, but which girl on earth doesn’t want a strong shoulder to rest on?


4. We are loners.

Yes we totally need our own personal time, but we are not loners. We love chilling and relaxing with our loved ones too!


5. We have no plans to get married.


Just because we can finance ourselves, doesn’t mean we don’t want a loving partner and a happy family.


6. We can handle all our problems on our own.

We don’t keep asking for help and suggestions, but doesn’t really mean we will mind if you do help. Sometimes, we get into troubles and make mistakes, as we also have some flaws and are not perfect.


7. We are money-makers but not care-takers.

Yes, we are awesome at handling our professional work, but we can also take care of our house. Just because these hands give superb presentations, doesn’t mean they can’t cook delicious food.


8. We are chain alcoholics and smokers.

This one is really funny. People drink and smoke by their own choice and it has nothing to do with being independent.


9. We keep trying to prove something to the world.

No, we are working or studying for our inner satisfaction and self happiness and it has nothing to do with the world.


10. We are stubborn and extremely selective.

We know what we want and that doesn’t make us choosy or picky.


11. We don’t like to be pampered.

No, we don’t mind getting a big hug, box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers. We love it when we are pampered and treated like princesses.


12. People think we are arrogant and always like to be the boss.

It’s not at all like that; we are just trying to explain our point. That’s all!


13. We can do everything on earth on our own.

Ya right, we are robots.


14. People think we are open to flings.

Just because we live our lives by our own rules, doesn’t mean we are open towards sexual activities with random strangers.


15. We can handle any shit in our life.

Even we have weak moments in our life when we long for a helping hand and we just want to give up for some time.



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