22 Struggles Only People Who Have Depression Will Understand

4:00 pm 16 Mar, 2015



Those who haven’t been there will never understand why and how depression affects people in the ways that it does. There are a few struggles that only people who have depression will understand.

1. You cannot snap out of depression.

2. Your willpower has no effect on the condition.

3. It is very hurtful to hear your loved ones say, “suck it up”, “stop wallowing in self-pity”, “try harder” or “this is not a big deal”.

4. Sadness is not depression; being sad is an emotional condition whereas depression is a mental illness.

5. Depressed people cannot stop being annoyed; don’t take it personally, it is not about you.

6. When under depression, routine work can feel like you’re climbing Mount Everest.

7. Many days you do not have enough energy to get yourself out of bed.

8. Depression affects you physically; causing nausea, muscular fatigue, headaches, indigestion and restlessness.

9. No, sex cannot drive away depression, in fact depression lessens your sex drive.

10. Lack of energy during depression cannot be overcome with a cup of coffee.

11. Depression cannot be explained with words.

12. Depression is not the same for all, it differs from person to person.

13. The need for food may jump from one extreme to another without any warning. You may eat like a glutton one day and fast like Gandhi the next.

14. Depression is often accompanied with sleep disorder, again jumping from one extreme to another.

15. Depression robs people of their sense of control.

16. Molehills do appear like mountains, it is not done on purpose.

17. The feeling of loneliness can prevail even during a frolicking party.

18. People cannot identify depression easily; sufferers can act normal on many occasions.

19. When depressed, socializing can be difficult.

20. The feeling of hopelessness and helplessness is overwhelming.

21. Negative thoughts cannot be stopped, no matter how hard you try.

22. You will never understand what a person with depression is going through, even if you have been through depression yourself. Their case might be completely different from yours.