20 Struggles A Single Parent Faces In India

10:00 am 9 Dec, 2015

Parenting is challenging all over the globe, leave alone single parenting in India. In a society where duties are divided between parents with strong gender bias, jumping the hurdles in the path of single parenting can be more:


1. Being responsible, making all decisions for a child without support is not easy, especially in a society where children look to parents for making decisions.


2. Indian children can’t accept their parents dating or going into a new marriage.


3. Single parents are bombarded with solutions (marriage proposals) from people who pretend to be well-wishers.


4. Since most children remain dependent emotionally, physically and financially on their parents for a longer period, the parent may have lost youth by the time he/she is free of the responsibility of bringing up the children.


5. Life becomes an art of juggling multiple tasks and schedules without much-needed support from the other parent, especially during demanding situations.


6. In case of divorce, children may end up blaming the parent for their separation from the other parent.


7. Many single mothers face problems with admissions in educational institutions if the fathers’ income certificates are missing.


8. Single dads may not be familiar with the duties moms would usually carry out since they avoided them earlier due to societal pressure.


9. Financial challenges force single parents to go out and work, while people around them make them feel guilty for not being there for their child.


10. Finding trustworthy and certified babysitters or care-takers is almost impossible.


11. When you leave your child with a relative, there is a high risk of them instigating your child against you.


12. Every time a single parent takes some ‘ME’ time and tries to enjoy life, loads of guilt is dumped on him/her.


13. Friends of single parents will be oblivious to the challenges since they haven’t been there or done that ever.


14. It is difficult not to allow the bitterness, frustration or anger to affect the child.


15. Many families try to make the single parent status a shameful secret thus creating chaos for both parent and child.


16. Indian society has a narrow minded and biased view of single parents, especially single moms.


17. People tend to ask invasive questions without giving it a second thought, embarrassing the single parent in front of their children.


18. The child will be grilled about the missing parent at functions or festive occasions without showing any consideration for the emotional aftermath.


19. Bratty children can emotionally blackmail a single parent to give in to their demands.


20. Single parents cannot have friends without people making assumptions.



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