10 Struggles Faced By Couples Who Do Not Believe In The Public Display Of Affections

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10:00 am 15 Apr, 2015


The world is a much inhibition free place now than it was ever before, and it is the era of opening up about everything — be it yourself or your relationships.

But you do not believe it and will never let public gaze snatch away the charm of secrecy your love story has, because to you, romantic moments are best kept in solace rather than expressed by public display of emotions.

No, not because you are not at par with the Gen Z, in terms of liberty and modernity, but because you and your love respect privacy.

1. You enjoy (or rather suffer) the privilege of the single status, despite being in a relationship.


While your other committed friends receive two friend requests a week, you receive 20 daily. And, of course, message requests for ‘fraandsheep’ in your ‘other’ folder as nobody could suspect you being taken already, because you were too uncomfortable updating your relationship status online.

2. You are often unnecessarily branded a liar.

When your friends mistake you as single and try to hitch you up to blind dates, you try to tell them that you are no loser in love, but they think you are narrating them fake tales of being in a relationship to appear ‘cool’. However, it’s not their fault, as they have never seen you and your beau/belle walking hand-in-hand or kissing or posting mushy things on each other’s wall.

3. If not a liar, your friends consider you outdated.

Your reluctance to indulge in public display of affections is readily misunderstood as old school.

4. You are known to be choosy and snobbish, although you are neither, as you continuously refuse date offers.

No one believes that you are committed, hence they cook up their own versions of your character certificate.

5. And when you give up and decide to go public, you become the ‘chupa rustam’ of your circle.

Now both of you are fed up and have decided to put it online to let everyone know.

6. Double dates: your biggest nightmare!

There can be nothing worse than some other couple you know, self inviting themselves to ruin your special moments. No, you are not anti-social but too parsimonious to waste the quality time with your plus one in worthless socialization.

7. Intruders: your second biggest nightmare!

Singles specially relatives or loud friends, who emerge out of nowhere during your dates, scare the hell out of you. Screw the social courtesies which force you to ask them to join you both.

8. You hate people posting pictures of the two of you together with public settings on social media.

Because your relationship is not a spectrum for the general public!

9. You hate the tacky comments under it all the more.

You know, you could do much better without those ‘wish you live happily ever after’ comments from random people.

10. No one knows your loathing for having people over for birthdays/anniversaries.

Why? Why do we have to have noisy crowds over to curtail our special days rather than spending it in each other’s company alone. *facepalm*


And you helplessly wait for everyone to go home, when you and your love can finally be together alone, no matter how late it gets…

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