Did You Know, The Strongest Beer Ever Made Is More Potent Than Whiskey?

9:00 am 23 Jul, 2017


The strongest beer ever made in history was made in Scotland. This beer, which was aptly named “Snake Venom”, is said to be equivalent to 15 shots of hard liquor. People get tipsy with a single sip and lose control of their body.

Brewmeister, a Scottish brewery, is known for strong and different flavors of Beer.

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Snake Venom has an alcohol content of 68%. The beer even carries a warning sign and costs £50 (more than 4000 rupees) a bottle.

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Lewis Shand of Brewmeister said,

Snake Venom is not like other beers in that we would not recommend drinking a whole bottle in one go. It should be savoured in small measures in a similar way to a fine whisky or brandy.

We are delighted that Trading Standards has confirmed that Snake Venom is the world’s strongest beer. The idea with Snake Venom was to produce something which still tastes like beer, not masked by a harsh alcohol flavour.

Patrons are cautioned not to drink more than 35 ml in a single sitting.

Brewmeister had previously staked a claim on the world’s strongest beer with an earlier release, the aptly named Armageddon, which clocked in at 65% ABV which people said was not strong enough, thus they came up with Snake Venom which is no less than actual venom if consumed at once.

The freezing process takes out a lot of the excess water leaving the beer with a throat burning 67.5% ABV. Flavors range from caramel to bubblegum and will have you on the fence about whether it is truly a beer or, rather, a spirit.

They made it by brewing it multiple times during fermentation for long hours and extracting only the purest and strongest flavor.

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