14 Things Only People Who Drink Alcohol Under Stress Will Understand

8:00 pm 28 May, 2015


Consuming alcohol on a regular basis is not that great idea as it can cause lifelong fatal diseases that we might not even be aware of. One may not even realize when you turn into an alcohol addict and consider alcohol as the solution to all the problems of life. People have different drinking habits. Some might drink it for fun while hanging out with friends or to relieve stress. So here’re 14 things only people who drink alcohol in stress will go through.

1. Alcohol is the solution to your problem.

You consider alcohol as the solution to all your life problems although it just temporarily makes you feel normal again while you are stressed.


2. Alcohol helps relieve stress and tension for you.


Consuming alcohol indirectly helps you zone out from the real world for sometime and feel relaxed even if there’s a huge burden on you.


3. A shortcut to zone out.

Once the alcohol hits you, you are in your own world without any stress, problems or obstacles to bother you. You enjoy living in an imaginary world for some time at least.


4. It somehow helps you cover the painful memories or experiences you are going through.

Once you are high you are in a state of oblivion and that’s how you like it.


5. The highs are equal as the lows.

The high that you once experienced helped you forget all the lows you were going through which is why you are now habituated to drink if things aren’t working the way you want them to.


6. The amount of stress is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol intake.


7. Alcohol is your stress buster whatever might happen in life.


8. Sometimes you mix it with aerated drinks and have it at college or office.

Because stress follows you everywhere and you need distresser!


9. The first thing when fuck ups happen you think about is alcohol!


10. If you have to take big decisions the first thing you do is make a peg!

Nothing is risky with whiskey!


11. You can actually function better with alcohol in your body.


12. You wonder how other people can go on without rum or whiskey with so many issues in life.

You need these two things always!


13. When client gives a deadline first fuel yourself with a lot liquor.

Then no deadline is near.


14. Most of the time you are hung over. With stress and alcohol!


But please, do not consume alcohol to fight off stress. There are ways more useful and effective than that. And they won’t even kill you.



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