Here’s Why This Boy’s Post, Who Took A Street Kid In Mumbai To Starbucks, Is Going VIral

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11:41 pm 26 Nov, 2016

When we go out to eat at a fancy restaurants, street kids roaming there is not an unusual sight. I am preety sure they also wish to go inside the restaurant. Sadly, they can’t as they can’t afford it.

A Facebook user Amod Sarang shared a similar experience. However, unlike many others, he decided to take a street kid along with him to Starbucks in Mumbai.

Sharing his experience, he posted on Facebook, “Last night my friend and I walked into this little one named Deepak. He lives on the streets of colaba. He entered Starbucks like a boss and said he always wanted to know what happens inside.”

Sarang says he was amazed to see boy getting excited for simple things like clean water, clean washroom.

“Before he could start eating I took him to the washroom to wash his hands. I have never seen anyone get so happy entering a washroom. He couldn’t believe how clean the water was and joyfully kept splashing water on his face.”

He further said that he is putting this incident on social media as he wants others to do the same because it is about valuing and creating value for things.

“The whole point is to value the things we have and also creating value. We waste food and water all the time. Its not about taking them to fancy places, it’s about touching more lives and encouraging and empowering them to lead a better life. I told him how it is important to wash hands before eating. Also that even if you’re parents don’t put you in a school you can do great things in life and once you do you can come to these places on your own,” he wrote.

His post has gone viral and netizens have been inspired by his act and its experience.


We all need to contribute to build a better society.

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