Stray Dogs Guarded An Abandoned Baby Girl For Hours By Forming A Circle But Humans Didn’t Notice

Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 12:02 pm


Humanity is endangered, proves a heart-wrenching incident of how a small baby was left at a public place by her heartless caretakers.

A small abandoned baby girl sat for hours and hours at the ever-crowded Howrah railway station in Kolkata. Less astonishingly, no one noticed her; no one stopped and came to her rescue.

This six-month-old infant looked for her parents without a hint of the fact that they were never to return. The baby was left on a lonely bench in the waiting area which a thousand commuters pass daily. Commuters, however, were busy enough not to even bother about why a little girl was even there all alone.


A still of Howrah railway station.


Striking is the fact that the baby was left with a half-filled bottle of milk, along with a bag of diapers, and other things.

It was no less than a miracle that, as time passed by, she had her saviours by her side: the street dogs.

According to a report, the dogs sensed something was wrong and they formed a protective circle around the baby girl, guarding her till the end.

Representational Image.

It was several hours later when an RPF constable noticed the dogs and took the child in his custody. The official then informed the RPF booth at the station, when several officers came to the site to investigate the situation. Inspector Mihir Das said that this was not a case of child trafficking but a case of abandoning a child.

A similar incident was reported in West Bengal’s Purulia district sometime back when a few stray dogs guarded a baby girl who had been abandoned by her parents.