Strangers Come Together To Build A Home For This Telangana Woman

5:35 pm 31 Aug, 2017


In this age of technology, social media has a big role to play in our lives. Amid numerous reports about wrong usage of social media, often benefits from the medium fail to gain our attention. Not only are we empowered to express our views and be heard by social media but there also many people who have come forward to help the needy, the sick and the deprived by this medium.

Pushpa and her niece Ramya Naidunia


One such examples is the story of Pushpa and her niece Ramya, who was gifted a new house built by complete strangers.

Born into an extremely poor household in Bellampalli, Pushpa, 36, and Ramya, 11, have always been each other’s support through many tough days. After the death of her parents, Pushpa, the eldest daughter among four, decided not to marry for the sake of her younger sisters in order to get them married. Slowly all her sisters were married and she was left alone.

Her lonely days did not to last long for Kamala, her younger sister, gave birth to a disabled child. Unable to suffer the agony that little Ramya, the disabled girl child, had to go through at her parent’s place, Kamala decided to bring her up herself. And there starts a journey of strength and steel of this strong woman and her niece.

With no formal education, Pushpa had to resort to working at cotton fields to make a living. The government does have various housing schemes for the poor but somehow Pushpa could not avail any of  them and had to live in an broken down shanty. Pushpa recollects that she had applied for government housing benefits for the poor not once but twice. Both her applications were rejected on the grounds that she did not have any “family”. So, she and Ramya had to live in a shack in an area that was infested with snakes and scorpions.

The slum “house” where Pushpa used to live earlier Naidunia


Pushpa came into contact with a couple, Kalpana and Sudarshan Jagati. They tipped of a a reporter named Ramesh Renikuntas, who brought out the touching story about Pushpa’s plight.

To bring attention to the misery that Puspha and her nice Ramya were subjected to Ramesh on 1st August, 2017 shared their story on Facebook. He also proposed a plan for building a concrete house with an attached bathroom for them. Soon, financial aid started pouring in, with friends and strangers contributing Rs 3,000, Rs 5,000 and even more than that.

In response to the Facebook post Kalpana and Sudarshan also contributed towards Pushpa’s house and Ramesh saw to it that the house got built.


Pushpa’s new abode Naidunia


After overseeing completion of the new house Ramesh revealed that this was the seventh house that he had got built for the poor.

There are many Non Resident Indians (NRIs) who are helping me in this mission, says Ramesh.



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