Good Samaritan From Mumbai Ended Up Paying Rs 2000 As Fine Due To This Strange Vehicle Law

5:47 pm 25 Jun, 2018


This article is for all vehicle owners out there in India. As a car or any private vehicle owner, you must be aware of certain laws of the country for vehicle owners, such as traffic rules, limited speed, parking, and many others. But do you know that there is a strange vehicle law in our country which most of the vehicle owners are not aware of?

Do you know that, in India, it’s illegal to give a lift to a stranger in private vehicle? Well, while many Indian vehicle owners might not aware of its existence, this strange vehicle law is indeed there. And thanks to this latest incident of a car owner, who was fined for being a Good Samaritan to an elderly man, that many will come to know the existence of this strange vehicle law in India.


Have you ever heard or been issued a challan by any law enforcers or fined by our country’s court of law for helping someone in need? Well, this is what exactly happened to a man named Nitin Nair who was fined by a court just because he gave a lift to few strangers who were desperately in need.

Nitin Nair was on his way to his office on June 18. While on his way, he saw few office goers near Mumbai’s Airoli Circle desperately looking for a lift as it was raining heavily and all public transport was either crowded or late. According to him, one of them was an elderly person and the other two were youngsters who were working for a reputed IT company.

So he took pity on them and stopped by the side of the road and asked them where they were going. As they said that they wanted to go to Gandhi Nagar, he asked them to get in his car, as Gandhi Nagar was on the way to his office. However, the moment they got in and Nitin started the car, one traffic police officer waylaid him and issued a challan. The police officer asked Nitin to hand over his license to him. When he asked the reason, the officer said that “It is illegal to give a lift to unknown people”. Below is the challan that was issued and shared by Nitin.


Strange vehicle law



Initially, Nitin didn’t believe that such a law exists, but later, he consulted a lawyer friend and got to know from him that we indeed have such a law. In fact, he was charged under section 66/192 of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, which prohibits giving a lift to strangers in private vehicle.

Nitin took to Facebook and shared the whole incident of how the police issued a challan and the court fined him just because he gave a lift to strangers who were badly in need. Issuing of challan and fine are just nothing, but the ordeal he went through, as he has explained in detail on his Facebook page, is something really horrible. This is what he has posted on his Facebook timeline. Take a read at how he went through all the terrible process, just because he has helped someone in need.



As per section 66 of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, a private vehicle can’t be used as transport vehicle (taking money from passengers) or for carrying goods. Apparently, there are two main reasons behind this law. Firstly, it is dangerous to give a lift to strangers because they can loot the occupants or occupants can do anything on the driver. Secondly, some people use it to evade commercial tax on their vehicle.

Yes, as per the law, Nitin could be punishable if he had taken money or done any crime on the persons he has given a lift. But in this case, since it was a free lift and just done out of sympathy, there is no any reason that he should be punished. In fact, why he should be punished? For being a Good Samaritan or helping someone in need?

While Nitin must have argued and fought a lot for his right and intention with that police officer and in court, we can’t help but wonder at how our law enforcers behave sometimes?