28 Of The Most Bizarre Urinals From Around The World

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 2:56 pm

Want to know about the most bizarre and hilarious urinals around the world?  People from India believe in investigating the toilet first as it helps to figure out the character of the person living there. We bring to you this article because for us, peeing in a normal white toilet is not just enough.  Have a look at these urinals.


1. A see-thru urinal called ‘Dont Miss A Sec’ was first exhibited in Tata Britain Museum, where you can see everything outside and no one can see inside.


2. Kiss me!


3. This is a “Bite Me” toilet


4. Not to mention – Japanese creation!


5. The bucketful of pee


6. The creative waterfall urinal


7. The pee sculpture


8. Creation from Australia


9. Would you like to pee in a flower?


10. The hilarious shark urinal


11. You’d like to pee on a lady?


12. One of the largest bathrooms – from China


13. Block urinals


14. You’d better not be shy


15. Have a look at the other side of the mirror


16. And this!


17. The bat urinals


18. Awesome creation – bike love!


19. How about this?


20. Enjoy the musical urinal


21. Peeing above the sky!


22. The P-tree for emergency cases!


23. Awesome creation by a unknown artist


24. Only for 18+


25. George Bush urinal


26. Funny ladies toilet


27. Open for you!


28. Oh Hell! This one!