21 Strangest Cricketer Nicknames That’ll Surprise You With Their Origin

3:00 pm 3 Mar, 2015

We all have nicknames, and most of them just stick with us forever. With Cricket World Cup 2015 fever all around, we have some weird and funny nicknames of famous cricketers for you.

1. Ravindra Jadeja – Sir

Sir is an honorific address used for giving certain honour to a person. But here, this Sir term got stuck with Ravindra Jadeja because of (un)impressive performance in the 2009 T20 World cup.

Sir nickname

2. Robin Uthappa – The Walking Assassin

This is no Assassin’s creed nor any serial killer, this is just Robin ‘The walking Assassin’ Uthappa because of his aggressive style and hitting style against his opponents.

3. Ricky Ponting – Punter

This might just be the most controversial nickname in the game of cricket because ‘Punter’ means a gambler. Isn’t betting illegal? But Ponting got this for betting on horse racing (legal).


4. Ajit Agarkar – Bombay Duck

Not a species of the bird, rather its Ajit Agarkar’s nickname for his horrendous run of 7 consecutive ducks against Australia. The best part, he had raised his bat for the crowd after finally scoring a run in his 8th innings.

5. Rohit Sharma – Hit Man

India has his very own hitman, and his name is ‘Rohit Sharma’. With an innings of 264 in ODIs, who will not believe that this man is our ‘Killer Move’

Hit man

6. Harbhajan Singh – Turbunator

Harbhajan singh is known as the Turbaned Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator) of Indian cricket because of aggression on and off the field.


7. Ajinkya Rahane – Jinks

Sounds quite similar to the word ‘Jinx’ and I think it’s quite difficult to keep a guy with that name in the team. But our very own Ajinkya ‘Jinks’ Rahane has been quite lucky for the team till now in the world cup. Hope he doesn’t ‘Jinks’ it. 😛


8. Ravichandran Ashwin – Ash

This isn’t the nickname of a famous Bollywood actress, nor does it indicate the arch rivalry between Australia and England. This is the name of India’s premium spinner, Ravichandran ‘Ash’ Ashwin.


9. Parthiv Patel – Bachcha (Kid)

The nickname of a 30-year-old guy not because of his age or maybe height as well. But mainly because of his cute baby face.


10. Shaun Marsh – SOS

This SOS is not really recognized as the universal visual distress signal, it stands for ‘Son of Swampy’ as Shaun Marsh is the second generation international level Australian cricketer from the Marsh family.


People say names are carried forwarded by the coming generations, this statement sometimes stands true for the father’s nicknames (Geoff Marsh- Swampy) as well.

11. Inzamam Ul-Haq – Inzy, Aloo (potato)

He was called by these names for obvious reasons. The latter one is offensive, though.

12. Marcus Trescothick – Banger

No he doesn’t bangs, dirty minds! Some would believe that this name was given to him because of his flamboyant batting style it is because of his love for sausages.


13. Navjot Singh Sidhu – Sherry

According to to the man of words himself, Sidhu was named ‘Sherry’ because his father was drinking that particular product at the time of his birth.


14. Steve Waugh – Tugga

Steve Waugh was known as ‘Tugga’ which is a pun on tug of war (Tugga Waugh). He was also called ‘Iceman’ because he could perform under pressure.


15. Michael Clarke – Pup

Who is now looking to come back into the world cup from his back injury recently was called Pup when he was the youngest member of the Test side. Since that time, that name has stuck onto him.

16. Gavin Larsen – The Postman

A faithful servant of New Zealand cricket, was nicknamed ‘The Postman’ by his mates because he always delivered not professionally, but through his bat.

The Postman

17. Ashley Giles – King of Spain

The spinner in England’s 2005 Ashes-winning squad got the nickname of ‘King of Spain’. No, he did not hone his skills in Spain but these were the words inscribed on merchandise mugs at the Warwickshire Club shop at Edgbaston. Should have been ‘King of Spin.’

18. Steve ‘Slow Death’ Bucknor

This name was given to him for the time he takes before taking any decision on the field.

19. Hornby A.N. – Monkey

His lack of stature and excess of energy earned him the nick name monkey. See what happens now when you call someone that. How times change!


20. Hershelle Gibbs – Scooter

Some of his team-mates joked that since he didn’t have a car they’d have to buy him a scooter to get to matches… and the name stuck.

21. Jason Gillespie – Dizzy

The Australian fast bowler, who was one of the tallest pace bowlers of the Australian team, is called ‘Dizzy’ (quite contradictory, isn’t it?) after American jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie.

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