7 Times Pakistan Made Us Laugh With Their Strange Laws

Updated on 2 Nov, 2017 at 4:15 pm


Since the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, both independent nations have adopted modernity in governing and administering their countries. However, the relationship between these two countries is anything but cordial and is filled with hatred, intense rivalry and have even fought 3 wars. Where the relations between the two nations are highly strained, we bring some delightful, intrinsically Pakistani stuff that will have you crack up with laughter. And this is about some of the queer “laws” of Pakistan.

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Yes, you hear it right. So, in this article, we shall acquaint you with some strange laws from the land of our neighbors that promise you a hearty time laughing out loud!

1. There’s no such country called “Israel” in Pakistan’s legal record!


If any Pakistani citizen wishes to visit Israel, s/he will never get a visa for the same. The reason is simple: according to Pakistan laws, there is no country called “Israel” registered in their books. So, if anyone has to visit Israel, s/he will have to go to some other country and then apply for an Israeli visa.

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2. It’s true – Pakistan imposes tax on higher education!

In a third-world country where almost half of the population is struggling to get basic education, imposing tax on education is no less than a crime. And Pakistan has been doing the same for quite some time. If anyone spends more than Rs 2 lakh on education, a 5 per cent tax will be imposed for it.

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3. Engage in live-in relationship only if you wish to end up in jail.

Live-in relationship is considered as blasphemy in Pakistan and, hence, has no place in their legal books. As a result of this, any couple caught to be living together prior to getting married end up locked in separate jails.

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4. Illiterate peons? No, not in Pakistan!

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The fact that Pakistan is a country of odds is proved by the fact how no one can apply for a position of peon without having a graduation degree where as the government imposes tax on higher education.

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5. Making jokes on the Pakistani Prime Minister? It’s illegal in Pakistan!

Come on, sometimes we make jokes on ourselves even and our near-and-dear ones. A joke is not always harmful. But Pakistan authorities do not approve of making fun of their prime minister. It’s illegal in Pakistan. And anyone caught doing so can even land up in jail!

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6. A Pakistani can sue you for touching his or her phone.

Touching someone else’s phone without any permission is regarded as a bad habit in Pakistan. And, if the person is offended enough, he or she can also register a complaint against you!

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7. Sending unwanted emails to people? You can end up in jail for that.

If you are into spamming your friends’ and colleagues’ inbox with unwanted emails, you can straightaway land in jail for that. We are not saying this. This is a law in Pakistan and every Pakistani citizen does abide by it.

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So, what do you think about these “interesting” laws? Do you find anyone acceptable or do you have anything other than these to add to the list? Comment with your views in the comments section.

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