This Is How A Small Financial Help Brought Special Olympics Medalist Sita Sahu Back To Sports

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1:07 pm 23 Sep, 2016

Just over two years ago, Sita Sahu, double bronze medalist at 2011 Special Olympics was forced to live a life on poverty and run a ‘Chaat’ shop to be able to make ends meet.


Many media houses, including Top Yaps, reported about Sahu’s condition as to how the athlete from Madhya Pradesh was ignored by the state and not even given her due.

In 2011, Sahu had done India proud and won not one but two bronze medals at the Special Olympics in Athens.

But the young girl, who was just 15 at that time, got no cash prize and even her cash reward by the state was not given.

Soon, Sahu was forced to give up sports and take up a work along with her family, so the family can earn some money to feed themselves.

But thanks to the media uproar in 2013, Sahu was finally rewarded for the achievements in 2014, and now lives a different life.

“We had no money. My career was over and I couldn’t even think of pursuing studies given my family responsibilities. All that has changed now.”

The Sahu family who was earning on an average Rs 150-180 a day, were given a new lease when the Madhya Pradesh government finally awarded Sita her due amount of Rs. 3 Lakh and the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) gave her family an additional  sum of Rs 6 lakh for her 2 bronze medals.

“I never thought it would happen. We had lost all hope. Now, we have a better life, the credit goes to my daughter. She changed our lives.” – Kiran Sahu, Sita’s mother.

While Sita has returned to athletics, her brothers have also resumed school.


Their father, who was once a daily wage laborer, has now expanded their family chat business to a concrete shop which gets a lot of customers. The shop is especially famous for its mouth-watering Aloo Tikkis and Bhalla Padpis.


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