Story Of Reformed Militant Imran Ali Who Was Pardoned By India Will Move You

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1:07 pm 15 Apr, 2016

A YouTube channel, 101 India, posted a video of a former militant Imran Ali, who shared his story about how he became a militant, then reformed and was subsequently pardoned by India.


During the interview, Ali talks about how he was kidnapped in 2001 and taken across the border to receive training.


He shared his story about his life in the militant camp, where he was trained to use weapons such as AK-47, and learned border infiltration techniques.


He says how during their free time the terrorists even used to play cricket.


And then Ali reveals that all militants do not want to lead the life they do and how they are brainwashed into becoming a militant.


Through Ali’s story, we learn what goes inside the mind of a former militant, his difficult journey back home and how the love of his life helped him come back to civilization.


Soon after surrendering, Ali was pardoned by the Indian government under surrender and rehabilitation policy, 2004. He now lives with his wife and kids in Kashmir valley.


The interview was shot in Kashmir. Watch his story in his own words:


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