What Happened At This Match In 1979 Resulted In Field Restriction In ODI

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4:54 pm 1 Dec, 2016

Back in 1980-81, the field restrictions in One Day International (ODI) Cricket was introduced for the very first time after the England national team employed some controversial tactics to win a match the previous year.


You see, on November 28, 1979, the England national team was playing an ODI match against the West Indies Cricket team, who were also the world champions at the time.

On the last ball of the second match of the Benson & Hedges World Series Cup in Sydney, the West Indies team needed three runs to win.

But England, not wanting to lose the match, decided to use some underhanded but brilliant tactics to make sure that the win came their way.



Viv Richards during a match in Australia. Cricinfo

England captain, Mike Brearley positioned all his fielders, including the wicketkeeper, on the boundary of the field so as to prevent West Indies from hitting a 4 or a 6 on the last ball.

The strategy worked and the England team won the match by 2 runs. Their move though left the West Indians and many others outraged and aghast after the match.


Mike Brearley (L) The Daily Mail

England Captain Mike Brearley (L) The Daily Mail

But despite that, they or any of the cricket boards could not do anything about the tactic as it was all within the rules of cricket.

The match though ensured that in any of the future matches no such move was used and they soon changed the rules to prevent similar tactics. Thus the ODI filed restrictions rules were introduced soon it came into play in the Australian 1980-81 season.


Field During Powerplay.You Tube

Representational image of the field during Powerplay. You Tube

Under the ODI field restriction, only a set number of players are allowed in the outer field of the ground during the powerplay.

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