This 9-Year-Old Slum Boy Secured Admission To An English-Medium School On His Own

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6:13 pm 22 Sep, 2016

Sameer, a nine-year-old, lives in a slum in Gurgaon. However, that didn’t prevent him from studying and such is his dedication that he made it into an English school.

His parents, who sell home decor objects on the roads, say they are very proud of him. They even don’t know how to sign but they want Sameer to do well.




Sameer, who has been studying for a while in the school run for slum children, has shown immense talent.

His maths teacher Rohit, who is a volunteer at the Jesta Primary School run by Diwakar Gupta, told TYNews,”He really wants to learn. He is confident and studies regularly. I didn’t want his talent to be wasted. So, I requested for an interview with the principal of the Alphine Convent School here.”


During his first ever interview, that too where Sameer was asked to answer in English, he impressed everyone by his skills.

“The principal was impressed by him. He asked him tables, basic questions where he lives, how old is he and what does his parents etc, he answered them all fluently in English., He was so confident,” said Rohit.


The Slum school

The Slum school


Sameer, who has seven siblings, is the first from his family to go to a school. His education will be free. He wants to be an artist.

“I love painting and drawing. I got no training. I do it myself by looking at picture sin books and advertisements displayed on the road,” he said.

He will soon join the regular classes at the school and is setting an example for other kids in the slum to pursue their dreams.



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