10 Signs That Confirm You Better Stop Chasing The Girl Right Away

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3:24 pm 12 Oct, 2015

The magnitude of limitless confusion and titanic madness a girl creates is beyond scientific calculations. The more you try understand them, the more you get entangled in the deepness of their thoughts. A guy rejoices with anxiety when his heart beats for a girl but little does he know that his sheer excitement will come to standstill when his laborious chase for the girl of his dreams will reward him sleepless nights and a broken heart.

I feel SORRY for the guys whose heavenly ride of clouded expectations will end tonight. Here are the signs that prove that you should stop chasing the girl:


1. It is only you who is making desperate efforts to get into a relationship

You expressed your true feelings with the hope that she would respect them but every proposal doesn’t end like Taylor Swift’s songs. Does she want a relationship as seriously as you? If she exits the conversation when you guys talk about love, then she doesn’t sense the mutual connect. End the chase bro.


2. It is always you who is planning a hangout, she is least bothered

If you ignore this sign, you will fall into the trap of illusion. If a girl is really interested in you, she will make steady plans to meet you but if she doesn’t, then you are just a friend for her. No matter how hard you try, you can never swim across the tides to get her love.


3. She half-heartedly remembers your birthday.

Though you were dead tired, you still drove all the way to her home to give her a midnight birthday kiss. But when it was your birthday, she sent you an afternoon WhatsApp text: “Happy birthday”. That too after Facebook updated her. Need I say anything more?

4. Even thought you have confessed you like her, she behaves as if nothing has happened

You struggled countless moments to speak your heart, but it took her a handful of time to forget it. Behind the curtain of illusion lies the reality check, it’s time to move on dude.


5. She keeps repeating, “We are such good friends”

Her mind has stored you in the friendzone permanently, no matter how many flirty and romantic texts you send her, they will finally end up in her ‘Trash’ folder. True story!

6. You are sexually attracted to her, not emotionally

If she is the temporary solution of your peaking sexual tension and every kiss you guys have is just the friction between lips. Then, you better leave each other to prevent further sexual addiction.

7. She is least concerned about your personal life

You make hopeless efforts to know her secrets, but she never questions your personal life. If she is not burning with angst to know your past, what makes you think she will end up as your future girlfriend?

8. You think too much to have a romantic chat with her; her one word replies – Okay and Yes – are too upsetting

Even thought she appears online, she replies you in instalments. So, it is pretty clear that she is chatting with someone more special than you.

9. She is the master of making excuses

When she enters in this territory, it is the perfect indication that she is actually trying to separate ways from you. So, it’s better you try to find a girl who gives you time not excuses.



10. When your hearts yells, “You took her for granted for too long!”

The final warning bro!

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