All Hail Marijuana! Stoners Are Better At Dealing With Stress Than Others, Studies Claim

10:00 am 3 Aug, 2017


This goes out to all the pot smokers. What is your reaction to those claims and arguments which discredit marijuana as a drug? Let’s see, moderate smokers will stay calm and scroll the feed while chronic pot smokers will also maintain their calm and pass the joint.

A new research from Washington State University published in the journal ‘Psychopharmacology’ states that stoners tend to stay calm when faced with challenges or adverse conditions as compared to those who do not smoke marijuana at all. The results are declared on the basis of an experimental study done on 40 people.

A man smokes a joint celebrating legalization of marijuana.Marc Piscotty


The experiment had a group of 40 people divided into 2 sub-groups of users and non-users. Over the span of one year, one group smoked marijuana every day, whereas the other stayed sober. When they were exposed to stress inducing situations, the results were quite interesting.

In order to determine the results, the researchers measured the amounts of cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone, in the subjects’ saliva.

Despite abstaining from cannabis use on the day of testing, cannabis users exhibited no increase in salivary cortisol concentration in response to the stress manipulation compared to non-users.

Representative picture of a man smoking marijuana.Big Buds Mag


The people were also asked to self-assess their level of stress and found that chronic marijuana users tagged themselves as much more relaxed. However, as the researchers describe stress as an “adaptive response” to certain situations of stress, the brain altering stint might also be an alarming situation.

The research, however, has put a stamp of approval on the mind-calming properties of marijuana we all admire. So the next time a friend tries to preach to you about the good, the bad, and the ugly effects of smoking pot, pass him/her the joint and ask them to chill.



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