18 Signs That You Are Way Too Stoned…Seriously

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10:00 am 16 Nov, 2015


According to me, God created alcohol and drugs when he was bored with humans. If you are a regular boozer you know the consequences, so you try to stay in the limit. But these are some signs that you are way too stoned:


1. When you try to look for something which never existed in this world.


2. When you start laughing loudly in public without knowing why you’re laughing.



3. When you stare at your friend for more than thirty seconds.


4. When you can’t say, “No” to being high anymore! You’ll do whatever it takes.


5. When you call up McDonalds asking them to deliver some margherita pizza!


6. When you have a cigarette in your mouth and you assume you are smoking, but you never lit it.


7. When your friends are talking to you, you stare at them but can’t understand a word they’re saying.


8. When you start calling all the girls in your contact list and asking them for a date.


9. When you completely concentrate on writing a text but nobody can understand what you wrote.


10. When you start enjoying a 3D effect and are continuously staring at it!


11. The moment you think you are close to dead and will be unable to survive.


12. When you think you are sleeping on your sofa but are lying down somewhere else.


13. When you think everything is s-l-0-w only to realize you are driving at the minimum speed on the highway.


14. When you accidentally have missing teeth or hair and you can’t remember how that happened.


15. When you are unable to reach your home or you get lost inside your own home.


16. When you fail to recognize weed and chew some grass or seeds that don’t even look similar.


17. When you are able to talk to an imaginary person.


18. When you claim you do not have any drugs tonight but are already high!