10 Distasteful Stereotypes About Homosexuality That Indian Society Must Give Up

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 6:58 pm

While we post statuses protesting  377 on social media, we enjoy sick Bollywood flicks mocking homosexuality and boost their profits. But guess what? There’s much more beyond Madhur Bhandharkar’s or Farah Khan’s depiction to homosexuality.

1. All gay men are born fashionistas

While sexual orientation is an involuntary biological attribute, fashion sense is a personal choice. Thus, both shouldn’t be related, right? But, expecting logic in India is rather too much!

2. Thus, every male fashion designer/makeup artist/hair dresser/dancer must be gay

Going by this argument, every judgmental person should also invariably be a moron, no?

3. Gay men desperately hit on every attractive man they come across and some can even be pedophiles

This sounds much lamer than the new stereotype in the west – of every Indian man being a rapist! Time to launch a new wave of protest?

4. Gay men have a habit of gesturing their conversations and love to use words of endearment

Wish someone cared to use their hands for more constructive purposes. Say for example, slapping whoever propagated these notions?

5. All gay men are feminine and love to wear make up and cross dress.

Some of them can give you a run for your so called ‘masculinity’.

6. All lesbians have short hair and are tomboyish.

Get a reality check!

7. Most feminists are men-despising lesbians

Firstly, feminism is not misandry. Secondly, there’s a difference between orientation and ideology, while the former is a biological attribute, the latter is psychological.

8. Homosexual=transgender.

Although, we often club the entire LGBT category under a single umbrella, there are many them. Homosexuality usually refers to the attraction felt for another person of the same gender, while transgender is a matter of gender identity, meaning that a person identifies as belonging to a different gender. For more information, one may read up on this subject. This is one interesting page.

9. Homosexuality is the impact of western influence.

Homosexuality is a lesser taboo in the west; their influence has made many people in this country much more conscious of their sexuality. But, being an innate biological attribute, it barely matters, where you were born. Nobody can be forcefully ‘made’ a homosexual, just as no one can be forcefully ‘turned’ straight. You just have to discover yourself. And yes, Hinduism has has various underlying references to LGBT themes since its inception. Don’t believe me? Read on here.

10. Homosexuality can be cured.

No, it can’t! And it isn’t any ailment to need treatment! But wait, did you ever consider seeing a shrink yourself?