Stephen Hawking’s Final ‘Gift’ To The World Will Leave You Teary-Eyed

12:47 pm 4 Apr, 2018


Prof. Hawking was not just an inspiration, but a gift to this world. He inspired the world to become a more aware place, and helped in acts of generosity which touched millions of hearts. There will never be another Stephen Hawking, for such men are rare to be born again. The renowned theoretical physicist died after a long battle with motor neuron disease aged 76, but his legacy will live in our hearts forever.



Two local graffiti artists, Kyle Warwick and Tim Shuker-Yates, paid tribute to Prof. Stephen on the bridge on Mill Road, Cambridge. As one of the many tributes, the murals depict Prof Hawking as a silhouette of him in his wheelchair urging people to “be curious”.





Even in his death, Prof. Hawking’s actions have yet again moved people’s hearts. While thousands of people lined the streets of Cambridge for their final goodbye, there was something spectacular happening elsewhere in the same city. It was the act of delivering the professor’s final gift to the world.



For that, his family offered a fully-paid grand Easter meal for hundreds of homeless Cambridge people. This gesture helped to fund the charity FoodCycle‘s Easter lunch at Wesley Methodist Church.



More than 50 guests turned up for the generous meal at the church. A note on the table told guests that the lunch was a ‘gift from Stephen‘.



Flowers were left on all the tables with with this note. Organisers said the physicist was ‘cheered‘ by guests before they enjoyed the meal.



According to Alex Collis from FoodCycle, this special Easter lunch helped the charity provide food, which they prepare every week at the church using fresh food – which would otherwise be discarded away.



The Hawking family’s gesture for their local community on the day of his funeral, received an overwhelming response from the people. One couldn’t imagine that while going through such a difficult time, they would show such love and kindness towards others.



The family hosted a three-course special meal with extra Easter treats, and decorated the church hall venue with spring flowers.


Something so positive to mark the darkest day in the world, just proves a great man Prof Stephen was and so is his loving family.



This gesture left many people full of gratitude, love and appreciation towards Hawking family. Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:









Professor Hawking’s funeral was held at Great St Mary’s Church on March 31, 2018. In one-of-a-kind gesture, the church bell tolled 76 times as his coffin arrived, once for each year of his life.




His ashes will be interred close to the remains of Sir Isaac Newton in Westminster Abbey on June 15. What do you think about the sweet gesture? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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