The Video Of This Tamil Nadu Man Stealing Bulb Has Left People On Social Media ROFL-ing

3:49 pm 1 Jul, 2018

The role of a CCTV camera is indeed quite interesting. It not only helps identify those culprits who committed the mistakes or crimes but the footage of various hilarious acts of people captured on the camera often makes people have a good laugh watching them. The latest incident in which a Tamil Nadu man who pretends to exercise on the sidewalk of a busy road only to steal a light bulb hanging outside a shop is an example. The man’s hilarious way of stealing the bulb was caught on a shop’s CCTV camera and its video has gone viral and has left people on social media ROFL-ing.

According to a report, the hilarious incident was caught on a camera in Coimbatore’s Cheran Ma Nagar in Tamil Nadu. The footage of the camera bears a time stamp of June 23 at around 5 am.


Stealing bulb video


In the video, the unidentified man first did some casual stretches and exercises for a few minutes as he believed that no one would notice his intention. After a few seconds, he thought no one could see him and he made his first attempt at stealing the CFL bulb by trying to remove it from the socket. But when he saw some vehicles passing by, he pretended he was just stretching and quickly resumed his exercises to avoid being caught.


Stealing bulb video


After some time, he gained some confidence and finally managed to remove the bulb, slide it into his pocket and walk away totally unaware that his act was caught on camera. The video was first shared by Tamil news channel Puthiya Thalaimurai TV on YouTube and from there, it has made its way to other social media channels.

Watch the hilarious video here:



The man has become the laughing stock of the state and people on social media. Very unlucky! Sorry for you, man.