21 Things That Will Inspire You To Be Brave When Times Get Tough

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6:35 pm 26 Jun, 2015

1. A tiny kitten who isn’t worried about its size

2. A quote that reminds you to take chances

3. Never letting fear get the best or last of you

4. A little bit of courage can go a long way

5. A dog who wouldn’t be friends with a lion if he’d let fear win

6. Redefining bravery for yourself daily

7 . Remember this always

8 . No one is fearless

9. Letting your troubles make you stronger

10. Ducks that turned a crocodile into a raft

11. This cat that scared a dog out of its own house

12. This Chinese man who became a global inspiration

13. Wise words from a wizard

14. This Bangladeshi boy who saved a drowning deer

15. This song

16. This dog who helped firefighters save her puppies from a fire

17. Staying one step ahead

18. Not getting heavy-hearted

19. Only new things feel unfamiliar

20. Fears or dreams?

21. Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’




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